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Meeting Schedule

The squadron meets every Tuesday evening. The meeting starts promptly at 1900 hours (7 PM) and continues until 2100 hours (9 PM). During the summer months, it may extend an additional 1/2 hour.

Meeting Cancellation

Should a meeting be cancelled, a notification will appear on the home page. All attempts will be made to post the notification before 1800 hours (6 PM). The squadron policy is for all members check the home page prior to departing for the meeting. Click here to see how the home page would appear in that case.

Meeting Format

The general format of a meeting night is depicted in the table below. The format may vary at times depending upon the needs of the classes or activities. The format will be used by both officers and cadets.

Four times a year, a month will have five Tuesdays. On those fifth Tuesdays of the month, the squadron will try to have a special activity and the format below will likely not apply.

Time Activity
1845-1900 Arrive, Sign In, Setup
1900-1910 Opening Formation
Safety Briefing
1910-2000 Class/Activity 1
2000-2010 Break
2010-2050 Class/Activity 2
2050-2100 Closing Formation, Clean Up

Bi-Monthly Schedule

The following table shows how meetings are organized for the squadron. This is also shown on the squadron Calendar.

The safety briefing on the first Tuesday of each month is for both cadets and senior officers. The specific training/learning for each bi-monthly term varies and may be Aerospace, Emergency Services, drill, etc.

Tuesday’s of
the Month
Uniform Class/Activity
1st PT Clothes – Cadets
Blue Polo Shirt – Seniors
Safety/Physical Training/Character Development
2nd Service Uniform – Cadets
Blue Polo Shirt – Seniors
3rd ABU/BDUs – Cadets
Blue Polo Shirt – Seniors
Emergency Services
4th Service Uniform – Cadets
Blue Polo Shirt – Seniors
(5th) TBD – Cadets
Blue Polo Shirt – Seniors
Open House
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