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Squadron Patch

Shorty Powers Emblem Heraldry


On a disc Azure, the propeller Gules Fess Point, outlined Sable; Triparted, Dexter Chief the symbols of our unit’s namesake, the Mercury Rocket Couchant in Sable, detailed and outlined Argent, surmounted by the Greek Symbol Mercury Sable; Sinister Chief – a Search Aircraft Soaring Right Bank, Superior Argent, Inferior Dark Azure, trimmed Gules; Base – the US Flag Gules, Argent and Dark Azure, Wavy, Inclined Dexter, Nimble Point, Satirize by a Parade Rifle inclined Sinister in Brown Silhouetted Argent.


The significance of the emblem begins with a light blue background which symbolizing the freedom of the American skies.  The red propeller of courage and strength divides the disc into three sections aligned with the three missions of CAP.  To the wearer’s right, in the first third, the Mercury Rocket and Greek symbol represent the namesake of the squadron – Col. John “Shorty” Powers, a native of Downer’s Grove and creator of the Air Force’s Office of Public Affairs who was later assigned to NASA and became the “Voice of Mission Control” during the initial Mercury and Gemini flights.  The horizontal rocket represents the historical significance of the manned rocketry program and Col. Powers memory, while the Greek symbol hints at science, technology, engineering and math and indicates the challenge for excellence in all we do and living up to the expectations of Col. Power’s legacy. This section symbolizes the Aerospace Education Mission.

To the wearer’s left, in the second section, the search aircraft representative of a Cessna 182 in our corporate colors, symbolizes volunteerism and the emergency services mission.  The right banking aircraft soars above a FIND and reflects positively on our unit’s air crews who stand vigilant with the desire fly the mission in order to save lives.  The aircraft is also a key part of the Cadet Orientation Flight Program.

In the base third, the American Flag whose staff is crossed with a parade rifle symbolizes the cadet program, our allegiance to the American flag, and participation in cadet activities such as color guard, cadet competition and national special activities.

The black background of the shields signifies determination, while the gold lettering signifies member honor gained through hard work accompanied by wisdom provided by those in the chain of command.  The grey outline signifies discretion and maturity.

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